Distillation column manufacturer
oil processing equipment manufacturer
energy process equipments manufacturer
milk processing equipments manufacturer
beverage processing equipments manufacturer
manufacturer of chemical process equipments
manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipments
manufacturer of process equipments
manufacturer of fruits and vegetables process equipments
stainless steel pipe /stainless steel plates welding fabrication
custom aluminum fabrication
welding and metal fabrication
manufacturer of industrial process equipments
manufacturer of food process equipments
manufacturer of fruits process equipments
manufacturer of oil process equipments
manufacturer of gas process equipments
manufacturer of dairy process equipments
manufacturer of milk process equipments
manufacturer of mining process equipments
manufacturer of sludge dewatering process equipments
manufacturer of agro process equipments
manufacturer of cereal process equipments
manufacturer of minerals process equipments
manufacturer of mixing process equipments
Process Reactors & Pressure Vessels
Storage Vessel
Heat Exchangers
High speed & Twin shaft dispersers
Skid Mounted systems

Established in 1997, We Specialize in Manufacturer / Supplier & Exporter of Heavy Industrial & Process Plant Equipments

Custom Fabrication is our specialty, Design, Manufacturing & supply of Heavy Industrial & Process Plant Equipments, catering heavy industrial equipment for process industries like Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical, Fertilisers, Chemical Processes, Food and Dairy etc manufactured as per International Standards.

Paper & Pulp

We help paper & pulp process industries to manufacture wide variety of machineries, equipments related to Paper & Pulp including measurement, preparation, storage, packaging.


We help in pesticides segment to manufacture numerous equipments related to Pesticides industry including, preparation, storage, packaging etc.

Wind Power

We help wind energy process industries to manufacture wind power machineries, equipments related to wind mills and power generators.

Steel Plant

We help steel processing industries to manufacture stainless steel pipes / stainless plates with metal welding fabrications.

Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drug

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a highly controlled and regulated environment as it’s related to health department and not a single mistake should be encountered.  Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Process equipments includes a variety of equipments, such as capsule filling machines, x-ray inspection systems, and spray drying accessories, etc

Chemical Process

We provide Manufacturing of Chemical Process Equipments for our supreme clients. This equipment facilitates the chemical plant to function efficiently and has high capability of carrying out the heat recovery from fluids, gases or vapours.

Power Plant and Boilers

We will provide the  equipments inventory consists of Heat Exchanger Manufacturing, agitators, boilers, compressors, conveyors, dryers, feeders, furnaces, kettles, mixers, & many more.

Distillation Plant

We keep the capability to provide manufacturing of process equipments for Liquor & Beverage Industry. The supreme quality, durability and reasonable prices of our equipments provide cost effective solutions to our clients by being Distillation Column Manufacturer.

Energy & Refinery

We are Energy Process Equipments Manufacturer with tackling your most important issues including Utilisation, safety and maintenance.

Oil & Gas

Being an Oil / Gas Process Equipments Manufacturer is an International designer and manufacturer of process equipments for Oil and Gas industry with number of equipments right as per your requirements. 

Food & Dairy

Dairy equipments technology is a part of food engineering which deals with manufacturing process equipments of milk & dairy products while keeping the health at its priority. We majorly manufacture equipments such as Homogenisers, Pasteurisers, Evaporators, Dryers & Freezers.

Fertilisers & Petrochemicals

We have a diverse portfolio of process chemicals, equipment, and services that can help increase your plant’s profitability. We manufacture process equipments for Fertilisers & Petrochemicals as following: Crude Oil Distillation Unit, Vacuum Distillation Unit, Semi-regenerative Reforming and many more.


Manufacturer of fruits & vegetables process equipments for agro products and that too with as per your requirements. We help you to get specialised utilities used for agro related works and general maintenance.

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