We provide custom & specialised manufacturing services for your industrial needs

We are an international equipment manufacturing company with process equipment with capabilities like Shearing, Turret Punching, Laser Cutting, Forming, Welding, Assembly, Powder Coating

Turret Punching

Laser Cutting

Metal Stamping

Press Break Forming

Welding Machines



Powder Coating

turret punch services

laser cutting services

metal stamping on stainless steel

press brakes forming

resistance spot welding

concrete grinding

mild steel Shearing

powder coating metal furniture

turret punch presses

metal laser cutting

metal stamping fabrication

hydraulic press brake machine suppliers

gas welding machines

concrete polishing

aluminum Shearing

protective powder coating

turret punch press machine

laser cutting machine

metal stamping machinary

press brake bending machine

mig welding machine

polishing and grindingelectric metal Shearing

tri state fabricators

turret punching

epilog laser cutter

sheet metal stamping

sheet metal press brake

Tig welding machine

concrete grind and polish

shear testing of metals

powder coated sheet

turret punch machine

laser vut projects

stamped metal plates

cnc press brake

spot welding machine

marble grinding and polishing

hydraulic sheet shear metal

powder coating services

Hastelloy Fabrication

Copper fabrication

Aluminium fabrication


We provide custom & specialised welding needs for your processes​​

MS Fabrication

Stainless Steel Fabricators

Aluminium Fabrication

Copper Fabrication

Hastelloy Fabrication

Titanium Fabrication


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